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All-new stories about Homer and the gang every month...
Curl Up with a Cat Tale!

Gwen Cooper returns with the ongoing adventures of her much-beloved, world-famous fur family in the Curl Up with a Cat Tale Series--filled with all the humor and heart Gwen's devoted readership has come to know and love!

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January's Story (Subscribe to read it now!):

A story of resolutions gone awry to kick off the New Year...

less of me to love ebook cover small

When Gwen Cooper decided to kick off 2018 with that diet she'd been meaning to get around to, it seemed like an innocent enough decision.  Who'd object to a 10-pound weight loss?  As it turned out, however, both Gwen's husband and her needy (and "knead-y") cat Clayton were more addicted to the tactile pleasures of her excess flesh than she'd realized.  As flab turns to muscle and disappears altogether, a fierce rivalry for whatever is left develops between man and cat.  Who will come out on top?  And will Gwen be able to avoid breaking her resolution and turning to a decadent chocolate cake to manage the stress of it all?

November/December Story (Subscribe to read it now!):

There's no snooze button on a hungry cat...

GwenCooper DaylightCravings small

The change of seasons affects everyone differently. But for two pampered pusses used to getting everything they want on a very strict schedule, the time of year when clocks “fall back” always comes as an unwelcome surprise. Feline shenanigans and temper tantrums ensue, despite the best the efforts of an indulgent cat mom to cushion the annual blow of having scheduled meals take place (gasp!) one whole hour later than the cats are used to. Can this furry family make it from Halloween to Christmas with their sanity intact?

October's story (Subscribe to read it now!):

A real-life tale of feline love at first sight. . . 

SprayAnything EbookCover small

It's rare for two cats even to like each other th first time they meet.  But when Bruiser the backyard feral and Fanny the housecat lock eyes, they're instantly smitten.  Seeking out glimpses of each other through the windowed door that separates them, they exchange "gifs" (toy mice from Fanny, real mice from Bruiser) try to touch paws through the glass, and hope to someday meet in purr-son.  But it's more than glass that keeps them apart--can trule love ever tame a wild-at-heart outdoor cat?  

September's story (Subscribe to read it now!):

Even the sweetest cat can turn salty when it comes to food . . . 

fanny trouble smallFanny the cat is the classic “good daughter”—a petite and pretty rescue with a shy, affectionate disposition who’s thoroughly doted on by her besotted humans. But the day she discovers dry food (otherwise known as “kitty crack”) for the first time, Fanny goes from angelic to devilish literally overnight. As her hapless human mom tries to cope with the new regime of pre-dawn wake-up calls (feed me NOW!) and all-day caterwauling, the question remains: Can a skinny cat’s newfound food addiction ever be tamed? 




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