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Homer's Odyssey: A Fearless Feline Tale, or How I Learned About Love and Life with a Blind Wonder Cat

ISBN-13: 978-0385343985

The inspirational true story of an abandoned blind kitten who courageously and joyfully overcame every obstacle in his path—including six moves, one late-night showdown with a burglar (Homer won), and being trapped in an apartment only three blocks from Ground Zero during the 9/11 attacks—and taught his human the most important thing there is to know in life: Love isn’t something you see with your eyes.

This moving tale of an abandoned blind kitten shows that sometimes in life, you have to take a blind leap. –People

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Homer: The Ninth Life of a Blind Wonder Cat

ISBN-13: 978-0692594186

Humorous and tender, this sequel to Homer’s Odyssey: A Fearless Feline Tale concludes the adventures of Homer the Blind Wonder Cat—the fearless feline who proved that love isn’t something you see with your eyes, that even the smallest of creatures can make a big difference, and that true love lives forever.

Gwen celebrates the life of the cat that everyone loved in this beautifully written new sequel.  –Steve Dale, Pet World

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Spray Anything: More True Tales of Homer and the Gang

ISBN-13: 979-8616859945

Gwen returns with the ongoing adventures of her much-beloved, world-famous fur family. Ideal for new readers and longtime fans alike, this collection of six purr-fect cat stories collected from the monthly Curl Up with a Cat Tale series is filled with all the humor and heart Gwen’s devoted readership has come to know and love. Sure to be treasured by cat lovers everywhere, Spray Anything will leave you laughing out loud, shedding an occasional tear, and hugging your own cat a little bit closer.

The Homer Chronicles_v1b.jpg
The Homer Chronicles: Homer: The Ninth Life AND Spray Anything

ISBN-13: 979-8986772240

The sequel to Homer's Odyssey and Spray Anything collected together in a single volume at a generous discount.

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My Life in a Cat House: True Tales of Love, Laughter, and Living with Five Felines

ISBN-13: 978-1948836609

Raised in a dog-loving famly, Gwen never pictured herself as a "cat person." But from the very first feline she adopted--an adorable, five-week-old rescue kitten--Gwen was smitten.  Eventually, one rescue kitten became five, and all the ups and downs of a life lived with cats are lovingly depicted here. From the obsessive cat who teaches himself to play fetch and demands it morning, noon, and night; to the crafty white beauty who raises "outside the litter box thinking" to the level of an art form; to the routine vet appointment that turns into a hijinks-filled misadventure with three (VERY cranky!) felines in tow. And Homer, the Blind Wonder Cat himself, returns triumphant in new tales of life and love after worldwide fame.

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Love Saves the Day: A Novel

ISBN-13 : 979-8986772295

A novel, by turns jubilant and moving, about cats, courage, music, and love, told from the point of view of an unforgettable cat named Prudence.

Prudence [is a] sassy but sensitive feline heroine. –Time

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